21 April 2014

Pain: 8.5This week has been really awful. Migraines – which I had thought were on the way out – were back again in full force, and Saturday/Sunday were a total wash. Which sucked, hugely. In addition, everything ached. Even my hair hurt. Joint pain was hell, and we’ve come full circle, periphally, with my right index toe now deciding it wants to feel broken too. Limping on both sides now. Ugh. Feeling nauseous and congested as well.

On the upside, such as it is, cutting out the gluten has proven to be interesting. While the pain in my right side isn’t gone completely, I am seeing the link between it and gluten. Go GF for a few days and then eat a slice of gluten-bread and wham! Pain. Very interesting. Hepatic flexure is the next thing for me to read up on and see what’s up, as that sums up the exact area of pain. It’s probably going to be deemed “fine” *sigh* but knowing it might be the thing to fixing it myself. I can also see why the back shots would help with it, which is nice.

About those back shots – they may be a while in the making, as I have to see the spine guy first, before I get another. I always dread this sort of thing, probably without reason, but still, dread.

Had some bloodwork done recently after a trip to the rheum, and my CRP (high sensitivity) is elevated (7.1) meaning I have increased inflammation in my body, as well as making me a higher risk for heart attack or stroke. Yikes….

I’ve been having trouble getting any sort of decent sleep lately, and so have resumed taking sleeping pills before bed. Tylenol is being upped to 6 a day and may go to 8 before long.

Cleanse is going well!

13 April 2013

Pain: 8Massive migraine yesterday. One of those awful ones where it’s not only sound and light that hurt but smell as well. I hate those. Laid still and quiet for night to try and make it go away. Eventually just took a sleeping pill and slept through it. Can’t say it was a good sleep. Back – upper and lower – were angry yesterday, with the upper back leading to chest, shoulder, neck and right side pain. Probably to blame for the migraine as well. Joints were also extra painful as well. Have to set up another appointment with the spine guy before I see the surgeon. Hoping it will be sooner rather than later.

6 April 2014

Pain: 8Still feeling like crap – I could just re-post the last blog post and yep, that would be me.

Only addition is that, after the hubbs did some googling for medical advice (which may or may not be a dangerous thing), I’m going to try to cut gluten out of my diet. (Google celiac – I won’t go through the symptoms as they are really too much information, even for here, but yeah…) We’ll see how that goes but so far I’m already bitter about not getting to eat muffins from the place close by. Found some decent bread though – thanks, hubbs!

I’ve also started another cleanse, which has been going well so far. Just playing wait and see for now

30 March 2014

Pain: 8.5Another awful week full of terrible headaches, among the other aches and ouchies. It always seems worse when my head hurts though. I could blame the weather or I could blame the fact that my back shot has completely worn off, but either way, it sucks. I’ve also had to remind myself that the pain in my side isn’t really a side thing but a nerve thing and nothing but that back shot is going to do anything about it. It still comes as a surprise to me when I reach this point and wonder why the hell my side hurts or why lying on that side feels like I’m sleeping on a rock. Blech. I’ve bumped up the tylenol and started taking sleeping pills at night. Hoping for warmer, drier weather…

24 March 2014

Pain: 8.5It’s been a really rough week. Skull-splitting migraines will do that. Also, the usual right side neck/shoulder/back pains that cause/go along with the migraines. Blargh. And yep, upper back pain, which is a given when the shot runs out.

Left side hip pain/sacrum area clunking has been a serious issue this week as well. My left toes continue to feel broken, and my other joints are pretty cranky too.

Mouth ulcer, which will hopefully go away soon. Plus, that weird pokey/squeezy feeling that happens to both biceps and thighs in the same place and the same time continues. Weirdness.

I have managed to get out for more walks, which has been nice, but holy crap on toast does it cost me!

Switched to OTC sleeping pills at night and added a couple of extra tylenol in the days.

16 March 2014

Pain: 8.5My back shot has completely worn off, so yep, feeling awful. All the aches and pains are back with a vengeance. Upper and lower back are feeling awful. Side pain has returned in all its awful glory. Joint pain? Yep. Headachy, neckachey, shoulderachy, and just flat out awful. I know that I should go out for some fresh air but it’s going to take all my will to do that. Ugh.

10 March 2014

Pain: 7.5Been a little while since I’ve posted – mostly because I’ve been hoping to be feeling better and that hasn’t worked as of yet. I’ve been getting out more, which may be part of the problem. Cold and damp has been absolute murder on me, leaving me feeling sore and exhausted after I get home. The simple answer would be ‘stop going out’ but that’s got a host of problems of its own. So, I go out for walks and pay for it dearly when I get home.

I think my back shot has, for the most part, worn off. And my hip! Holy crap on toast, does my hip hurt! Left hip mostly, but my sacrum/L5 area has been clunky as hell. Joint pain as well has been awful, worse on days when it rains. Is it odd that it hurt LESS when it was freezing than it does when it is raining?

Weird bone squeezy, muscle thumpy ache at the midpoint of both biceps, outside only, as well as just above midpoint for both thighs, also outside only. Identical on both sides and it always happens altogether. Not constant, but persistent.


In any case, I will be going for another walk today, ache be damned, so I expect to be hurty when I get home.