27 November 2014

Pain: 7Hopefully that 7 will be temporary! Went outside on Monday-Tuesday and paid a yucky price for it. On the monday, upon leaving the mall, it felt as though my hips would just stop working. They felt full of shattered glass and I had to concentrate on making them move. Very painful experience. Tuesday wasn’t nearly as bad but it did further settle in, making for a miserably painful yesterday. It’s tapering off today so I hope it goes back to ‘normal’ soon.

Right side pain continues to get worse.

2 November 2014

Pain: 4Not doing too badly this morning – of course, medication has kicked in, so there’s that. I think I’ve got the timing/dosage/delivery system down just right for my pain medication and I can take that pain down to nothing, but then I can’t do anything else either. Like anything. At all. Some days that’s good.

As for the quality of the pain itself, there is a definite sharpness to it, with the colder, wetter weather. I’ve really been feeling it at my lower back/sacrum/hips area over the past week or so. Walking DOES NOT help, but I do it anyway, cus not walking doesn’t help either. I try to keep it moving, at least a little, during the day. Just some flexing and stretching. My upper back will occasionally twinge painfully but I can push it back more easily now. The ache in my joints is about what I’d expect for this time of year. Still dealing with stupid right side pain.

I’ve been sleeping – a LOT. Regularly waking up now at anywhere from 5:30 to nearly 8. That is damned late for me. No complaints. Also, appetite has completely disappeared over the past few days. I’ve had to force myself to eat something, but I haven’t wanted to eat anything at all. Keeping an eye on it.

26 October 2014

Pain: 7Waiting for pain medication to kick in. Cold, wet, stormy weather here has led to a hell of a lot of joint pain. The dull thudding pain in my back seems to be managed fairly well – by the spinal shot, and medication, but the sharper, stabbier pains associated with joint pain? Takes a while for that to fade out. Maybe a few more hours will do it. Toes, fingers/wrists and hips seem to be the worst at the moment. Right side is still sore as hell.

19 October 2014

Pain: 3Pain medication kicked in, so I’m not doing too badly. There are certain spots where it will flare up – upper back if I’m upright too long, ankle (right) and both hips if I move, wrist if I write/knit too much. But basically, doing okay (after medication – it would be an 8 or 9 without it).

I’ve been dealing with a bit of a sniffle/run down cold type feeling. Nothing excessive, but it makes me feel a little run down.

Also, later in the day I have been getting a bit of a migraine. Not a horrible crippling one, but I can feel it. Pain medication keeps it pushed back.

Lastly, that stupid right abdom. is still carrying on cranky. Sharp pains, squeezy, sharp finger pokey pains. Diarrhea. Yellow, if we are going to be specific. TMI, I know.

Still doing okay for pain, and no tylenol/ibuprofen/gravol. About 2.5 gm

13 October 2014

Pain: 4Been a while since I’ve posted here. Needed time to straighten out a medication issue.

I’ve recently had a spinal injection, and enough time has gone by that the initial ache at the site has passed. The surgeon used a different steroid this time, and a lot more of it, so I’ve had a more positive reaction this time. Weird knife-blade-along-the-bottom-rib pain/nervy thing has eased off as the extra fluid there is absorbed in.

Still healing from the fall I took on 14 September, with my right ankle and wrist aching.

All other pain is fuzzy and shoved into the background right now and, in a few more hours – once I’ve done everything I need to do – will be gone entirely, and that should last throughout the day.


300mg plaquenil

150 mg efexor

1.5 – 2.5 gm CBD

herbal detox

OTC sleeping pill

No more tylenol, ibuprofen, gravol, etc – yay!

29 July 2014

Pain: 2Yes, 2. At least, as long as I’m careful not to push it, I can manage to keep the pain to a minimum. Also, I’ve managed to ditch the tylenol, ibuprofen and gravol. Hoping to ditch the sleeping pills next. Can’t talk about it much right now but it’s nice to finally have something for this.

On the 21st, I had an appt with the spine guy, where I received a temporary back shot to help deal with the back pain. Then, on the 23rd, I had an appt with the pain clinic which was also (somewhat) helpful. It was there that I received an RX for cesamet, which was well-intentioned but unhelpful. Cesamet is a synthetic THC usually used for severe nausea and it';s true that I did not get nauseous, but it didn’t help with pain and, in fact, left me with a headache sort of hangover. Plus, it lasted only about 2 hours, as opposed to the 5 or 6 I’m experiencing now. So, that is a no.

Managed to get back to two walks a day. It’s not entirely pain free but the pain is a hell of a lot less. I still have to make sure that I don’t overdue it as I can still hurt myself but it;s nice to get out for those walks, I’ve missed them.

Chest rash is still present, and the rash looked to be starting up on my forearms but it’s eased back for now.

22 July 2014

Pain: 5Yesterday, I had a bit of an emergency meeting with the spine doc (not the surgeon, just the spine specialist) due to my latest spinal injection not really taking. I had an emergency shot of something or other in my back so I feel quite a bit better. At lest the peripheral pain is greatly lessened. I hope to cut that pain number in half today, after a walk. I see the pain clinic on Wednesday, so we’ll take it from there.

Sternum rash has been especially bothersome – I’m hoping that drops off soon.